Who Has Our Faces? / by Raymond Merritt

A Selfie in Space

A Selfie in Space

Photography professor, curator, appraiser, and commentator Marvin Heiferman is at it again. Heiferman was recently published in a New York Times Lens Blog article on the changing nature of portraits. 

In the article, Heiferman notes the important role that portraiture plays in our lives, and how that has changed. Back in the early days of photography, having your picture taken was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Now, there are more than a million selfies taken every day.

Perhaps more importantly than all the selfies being taken, however, is the increasing role of portraiture in public, as retail stores and government entities collect our facial data for a myriad of reasons. And in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, it's likely that facial recognition software will play an increasing role in anti-terrorism campaigns around the world. 

For a greater look into the significance of portraiture in our complex society, read through Heiferman's article here.