The Artist Project / by Raymond Merritt

For the (long overdue) first post of 2016, we at Summit Art Advisory would like to direct your attention to a fascinating initiative from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. For anyone who's visited the Met in person, you know just how many different types of objects they have in their collection. From Egyptian mummies to El Greco paintings to Islamic tapestries to modern photography, the Met's collection is quite literally an encyclopedic assemblage of the world history of art.

With such a varied collection comes The Artist Project, a web series produced by the Met that asks artists from varied backgrounds to describe their favorite work in the Museum. Each video is two to three minutes long and provides insight into how artists draw inspiration from art of all kinds. There is James Nares talking about Chinese calligraphy, Wayne Thiebaud discussing his favorite painting, and Nick Cave analyzing the patterns and functions of the Kuba cloths.

You can watch The Artist Project episodes online here. Even better, though, would be to go visit the Met yourself and find your own favorite piece of art.